Masters swimming at WCP

  • Our program is affiliated with New England Masters, which is an arm of US Masters, but USMS membership is not required to attend practices.
  • Many of our members compete at the local and National levels in meets, open water, and triathlons.
  • Masters swimming is for adults 18 and over. This program is NOT an introductory swim program. It is intended for folks looking to perfect form and increase fitness; competition is not mandatory, but competitive swimmers and triathletes will find workouts here suitable for training.

Masters schedule

Mon: 6:00-7:15am or 7:30-8:45am
Tue: 10:00-11:15am
Wed: 6:00-7:15am or 7:30-8:45am
Thu: 10:00-11:15am
Fri: 6:00-7:15am or 7:30-8:45am
Sat: 6:45-8am

Payment options

  1. $12 Drop in
  2. $100 for a package of 10