Swim Lessons.

Swim lessons.

We offer group, semi-private and private lessons for both children and adults.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered for children as follows:
  • Sept. - June: One lesson per week for 6 or 8 week sessions
  • July – August: Two lessons per week for 3 week sessions

Group levels and student-to-instructor ratios are:

Level I (3:1 ratio):

Child may need a bubble or noodle to swim at the beginning of, but will be able to swim 0-20 ft without a floatation device or the support of a teacher by the time they are ready for a level II class.

Level II (4:1 ratio):

Child can swim 20-50 feet on both their back and front without the support of a teacher or a floatation device. Child can put face in the water, do front and back float and jump into the deep end of the pool and swim back to the wall without assistance.

Level III (6:1 ratio):

Child can swim at least 1 length of the pool doing freestyle, elementary backstroke and backstoke and is learning breast stroke and butterfly.

Level IV (6:1 ratio):

Child can swim multiple lengths of the pool doing all strokes and is working on endurance swimming and stroke technique. Level IV swimmers could also be recommended for our various swim teams!

For questions about group lessons please contact Matt DeChane at matthew@waylandcommunitypool.org.

Semi-Private and Private Lessons

Semi-private and private lessons are offered for children and adults as follows:
  • Classes meet once a week for 1, 5 or 10 lessons
  • Class schedules are dependent upon instructor availability
  • Cost of semi-private lessons is split between the two parties

Cost of lessons.

Pool pass holders.

Private - 1($40), 5($175), 10($300)
Semi-Private - 1($50), 5($200), 10($360)


Non-Pool pass holders.

Private -1($45), 5($200), 10($350)
Semi-Private -1($60), 5($250), 10($400)
To register for semi-private or private lessons, please call the pool (508-358-8999) or email Matt DeChane at matthew@waylandcommunitypool.org.